The Fantasy

luxury houseboat yacht

"The Fantasy" Specifications

Embark on an extraordinary journey aboard "The Fantasy," a 100-foot luxury houseboat charter with unmatched space and unique features.

Experience our 100-foot luxury houseboat charter!

The Fantasy is a luxurious 100-foot vessel that offers ample space on both its lower and upper decks.

It boasts an array of unique features that can be enjoyed both during the day and at night.

The available space is unparalleled, allowing for ultimate relaxation in the sun and invigorating dips in the lake.

Whether it is for a corporate outing, a family reunion, or simply a fun excursion, the Fantasy offers an unrivaled experience for all to savor.

Main Deck Front - Exterior

As one steps aboard the Fantasy, they are welcomed by a serene area designed for relaxation, complete with comfortable seating to observe the tranquil surroundings of the lake.

This space offers an idyllic vantage point for taking in the picturesque scenery, and can be opened up to allow the refreshing lake breeze to gently waft through.

The carefully crafted design of this area creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a leisurely afternoon or evening on the water.

Main Deck - Interior

Upon entering the interior of the Fantasy, guests are greeted by a tastefully furnished seating area, boasting plush seating arrangements and an island replete with generous counter space, ideal for setting up a delectable buffet.

Although cooking is prohibited on the vessel, guests need not fret, as they have the option to bring their own culinary creations or engage the services of a reputable catering company. Previous guests have been treated to an array of sumptuous and imaginative cuisines on our cruises.

For ultimate comfort, this area is fitted with both heating and air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant environment all year round. Furthermore, the main level of the vessel is outfitted with a restroom facility for the convenience of guests. The stairs leading to the upper deck are discreetly located inside the boat, adding an element of privacy and elegance to the vessel's design.

Upper Deck

The upper deck of the vessel is where the festivities come alive, with a designated area for socializing, featuring a bar, DJ booth, and dance floor. Guests will find a restroom facility conveniently located in the area as well. The upper deck provides a panoramic view of the lake, offering a breathtaking perspective of the surroundings.

The bar and DJ area are cleverly designed in an octagonal shape, providing ample space for guests to mingle and dance. The deck features a vast area at the back, as well as ample space at the front, allowing guests to bask in the sun or relish the tranquil evening sky. Whether guests seek to unwind or revel in the festive ambiance, the upper deck of the Fantasy caters to their every desire.

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