The Sensation

luxury houseboat yacht

"The Sensation" Specifications

Experience the ultimate luxury aboard "The Sensation," an 80-foot houseboat yacht offering ample space for lakeside fun and memorable experiences.

An incredible 80-foot Luxury Houseboat Yacht!

The 80-foot Sensation houseboat yacht provides you with plenty of space for fun in the sun with the ability to be a luxurious experience.

No matter the time of year, you can experience the beauty of the lake.

Enjoy the open-air top deck with drinks and dancing or a slow stroll across the lake in the moonlight.

Main Deck – Exterior Front

When boarding the boat, you will be greeted with a relaxing carpeted area with outdoor seating to take in the sights of the lake and be able to enjoy the breeze.

You will also see the stairs that lead to the top deck.

Main Deck – Interior

As you enter the boat, you see a classy living space. It will give you the at-home feel that welcomes you on board.

There is a comfortable sectional sofa along with tables and counter space to set up the buffet.

You can bring your own food or let a caterer get the buffet looking beautiful for you.

Although there is no cooking allowed, there are still endless possibilities that can be done with chafing dishes.

Once you pass through the kitchen area, you will find the restroom to the left in the hallway.

Upper Deck

There is a fully open upper deck that is partially covered with a bar area. Located in the front, you can sit and enjoy the view while talking with the captain.

The bar area is spacious and will give you plenty of space for chatting with the other guests. At night, the LED lighting around the boat and bar make the event that much better. Just past the bar area, you will find an open space that will provide you with a plethora of possibilities.

You will be able to get an incredible view as you go across the lake. Depending on the time of day, this space can function as a dance floor, a sunbathing area, or a night-sky observation deck. On the back of the top deck, there is a slide for those days when a dip in the water is the best idea. It will bring out the kid in anyone.

Main Deck – Exterior Rear

In this area, you will find a carpeted area for those days when swimming is possible.

You can either enter the water via the slide or the swim platform. You will be coming out of the water in this area.

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