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"The Stardust" Specifications

Experience the luxury of Lake Lanier's #1 chartered houseboat, "The Stardust." This 90-foot double-decker yacht offers stunning views and unique features, perfect for any event.

Lake Lanier's #1 Houseboat Charter

The Stardust is known as the #1 chartered houseboat on Lake Lanier. This vessel is a stunning 90-foot ¾ enclosed, double-decker houseboat yacht.

Known around Atlanta as the best floating venue on the lake, the Stardust offers a variety of unique features. Regardless of the ever-changing Atlanta weather, the Stardust remains a highly sought-after venue.

This is thanks in part to the heating and air conditioning that are offered both in the main interior of the boat and on the upper deck in the enclosed space.

Fire Pits are strategically placed in the open areas to take the chill off during the cooler months. Sit on the open upper deck and enjoy the glow and ambiance of the fire pit as you cruise, day or night. Come and see the luxury for yourself!

Main Deck Front – Exterior

As you step aboard the Stardust, you are greeted by a fully enclosed and carpeted area featuring sectional seating.

The possibilities this area offers during an event range from a location to enjoy casual conversation and the beauty of Lake Lanier to being the location of the “Hookah Lounge” if that is one of your chosen add-ons for your event.

Whatever you desire this location to be, it remains a great place to take in the view and the breeze.

Main Deck Back – Exterior

Down the spiral staircase that is located at the back of the boat, you will find a second restroom for you and your guests to utilize.

This space also features the swim platform, where guests will enter and exit the water.

In the event that you have chosen to have your event be smoker friendly, this is the one place on the boat where smoking will be allowed.

Much like the front of the boat, this space offers an incredible view and a prime opportunity to catch the cool breeze ,whether it be day or night.

Main Deck – Interior

As you step into the interior of the Stardust, you will find a comfortable seating area complete with tables, chairs, and generous counter space that one could utilize for a buffet set-up.

There is to be no cooking on the boat, but don’t let that limit your possibilities! You can either bring food yourself, or you can look into hiring a catering company to handle all of the work for you.

We have seen a variety of beautiful and extraordinary foods served on our cruises. To ensure comfort year-round, this area is equipped with both heating and air conditioning.

Once you exit this main area, you will find the first of two restrooms located down the hall and to your left. This restroom is located directly across from the staircase that leads to the upper deck of the Stardust. Please understand that these stairs are steeper than your average home stairs. There is a handrail and we encourage you to use it while navigating the stairs.

Upper Deck – Front

You will find our captain doing what they do best at the helm.

This ‘Captains Nest’ is a fully enclosed and carpeted area. Take a load off here and either enjoy watching the boat glide across the water or strike up a casual conversation with friends.

Our captains are always happy to answer some questions, given the conditions and position of the boat. At night, this area is illuminated with LED lights that can really make your decorations dance.

Upper Deck – Middle

As you reach the top of the stairs, you will enter the main dance area on the boat.

This area has windows all around, offering the most exquisite panoramic views. You can watch the sunlight dance on the water during your day events or catch the lights reflecting off of the water at night from our LED lighting that is located throughout the area.

With heating and air conditioning, this space offers comfort on many levels. There is plenty of space whether you choose to dance your hearts out or relax on one of the couches while enjoying your choice of music.

Utilize some of this space to set up your DJ booth. We have DJ-quality speakers available for rental, or you are free to book and/or bring your own. Don’t forget to decorate!

Upper Deck – Back Top

You can exit the dance floor through the sliding glass doors at the back of the boat. Here you will find some seating and the bar area. This space is only half covered, offering both shelter and a wide-open space to catch some sun rays or the moonlight.

This is also the area utilized to access the spiral staircase, which will lead you to the second restroom and the swim deck mentioned in the section titled Back. You will notice that in this area, there is a slide. Please understand that for safety reasons, this slide is only available to use during daylight hours in the summer months and only if the event is booked as a swim event prior to loading.

Because of the unique split shelter look in this area, the decoration possibilities are endless. Birthdays, reunions, and even small weddings. Using the Stardust to access a breathtaking backdrop for your ceremony is never a bad idea!

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